Guest Speaker

Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session Series


Yuta Kanamori on 1/23/2024

This year, the Japan Chapter of Columbia Venture Community launched a new initiative, Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session Series, designed for those who are aiming to start their own businesses in the near future and currently studying in U.S. business schools including Columbia Business School, MIT Sloan, and Kellogg School of Management. We decided to start this initiative because we wanted to help entrepreneurs to take one step forward in their entrepreneurial journey. We successfully completed three AMA sessions with the three speakers - two startup founders, Naka Imuta and Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy, and one investor, Noriaki Sakamoto. 

Here are some feedback on our AMA sessions from the participants:

"In all three sessions, we were able to have meaningful and intensive discussions with wonderful speakers in a small group."

"I learned a lot from the sessions by attending with other participants who have the same entrepreneurial mindset and ambition as I do."

"What was especially beneficial was the opportunity to hear real experiences from founders in a small group setting (e.g. how they acquired their first customers, advantages/disadvantages of a teal organization, various stories of failure, etc.)"

The Japan Chapter of Columbia Venture Communityでは、近い将来、起業を志す海外MBA生が、起業の実現に向けて一歩踏み出す手助けをしたいと考え、今年からAMA(Ask Me Anything)セッションシリーズを開始しました。今年は、米国のビジネススクール(コロンビアビジネススクール、MITスローン、ケロッグ経営大学院)に在籍するMBA6名に参加いただき、スピーカーには、Techtouch 井無田仲氏、Rapyuta Robotics Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy氏、UTEC 坂本教晃氏を迎え、3回のAMAセッションを実施しました。