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Analysis of Japan’s Startup Ecosystem with the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan


Ayumi Ode on 3/2/2022

You can download the event report in Japanese at the below link.

* Event Report: ⁠
Download it from here.

The Japan Chapter of Columbia Venture Community (CVC) hosted a virtual session with Sho Ito, a graduate of Columbia SIPA (School of International and Public Affairs), from the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.

The Cabinet Office in collaboration with the World Bank Group recently published a report called “Boosting Japan’s Startup Ecosystem (in English)” “東京のスタートアップエコシステム(日本語)”. In this session, he shared findings and insights on Japan’s Startup Ecosystem presented in the recent report. In this virtual session, we touched on the following topics:⁠

1) The Cabinet Office’s perspective on and involvement in Japan’s Startup Ecosystem
2) Overview of the report
3) Findings and insights on Japan's Startup Ecosystem⁠

The report is available in both English and Japanese:⁠

- English - “Boosting Japan’s Startup Ecosystem"⁠⁠
- Japanese - “東京のスタートアップエコシステム

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Sho Ito | Deputy Director for the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy at the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
Sho Ito leads the National Startup Strategy, Startup Ecosystem Survey in collaboration with the World Bank, and the University Endowment Fund (10 trillion yen). Before joining the Cabinet Office, he promoted innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives at the World Bank and university-industry joint research, entrepreneurship education, and startup policies at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). MPA at Columbia University (2018).