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Development of J-KISS and Advancing Startup Ecosystem in Japan


Ayumi Ode on 1/25/2024

The Japan Chapter of Columbia Venture Community (CVC) hosted a virtual session with Masakazu Masujima, Partner at Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, one of the largest full-service Tokyo headquartered international law firms. Masakazu is known as the principal architect of J-KISS (Japanese version of Keep It Simple Security), an investment agreement template suitable for seed-stage startups to raise funds quickly, based on know-how developed in Silicon Valley. In this session, we touched on the following topics:

- His work experience to date and the background to the development of J-KISS

- Significance of J-KISS for seed funding in Japan and his perspective on the development of J-KISS

- The need for "colored funding" (i.e. funding that comes with human and intellectual resources) in order for Japan's startup ecosystem to develop further.

コロンビアベンチャーコミュニティ・ジャパンチャプター(CVC Japan)は、森・濱田松本法律事務所パートナーの増島雅和氏をお招きしてオンラインセッションを開催しました。増島氏は、シリコンバレーで培われたノウハウを元にした、シード期のスタートアップが迅速に資金調達するために適した投資契約書のひな形であるJ-KISS(日本版Keep It Simple Security)の主要な設計者として知られています。本セッションでは、以下についてお話いただきました。

- 今までのご経験とJ-KISSの開発背景

- 日本のシード期資金調達におけるJ-KISSの意義と、J-KISS開発への思い

- 日本のスタートアップエコシステムの発展のために必要な「色の付いた資金」(=人的・知的資源を伴う資金)

Featured Speaker


Masakazu Masujima | Partner, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto

Masa is the best known lawyer who is committed to the startup ecosystem in Japan. For over 20-year dedication to the Japan’s startup ecosystem, he has helped startups implement global-level startup strategies such as disruption strategy, open innovation strategy as well as rulemaking strategy. On a venture financing end, Masa is a strong believer of the San Francisco Bay Area’s practices and, leveraging his carrier with Wilson Sonsini at Silicon Valley, has enthusiastically introduced the practices like lean financing model, equity incentive structure and startup buyout strategy. Among others, he has won the Innovative Lawyers award by Financial Times in 2017 with his invention of Japan version SAFE and successful fundraising of JPY1.1B by SAFE. Masa is a graduate from Columbia Law School 2006, and admitted to practice N.Y. bar and Japan bar. He is also admitted as a patent attorney in Japan.

増島 雅和 | 森・濱田松本法律事務所パートナー