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Intrapreneurship: A Journey of Innovation in HealthTech


Yuta Kanamori on 1/25/2024

The Japan Chapter of Columbia Venture Community (CVC) hosted a virtual session with Kota Ageiwa from Thinkie Inc. This year, Kota initiated Thinkie in Seattle as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. Thinkie aims to contribute to the people's cognitively healthy life by providing a real-time measurement of brain blood flow and brain training programs for individualized neuro-feedback. During this session, he shared with us his career history at Mitsui & Co. and his experience as an intrapreneur and the founder of Thinkie. We touched on the following topics:

- His career history, including his time pursuing an MBA, and his experience as an intrapreneur 

- The factors that led him to found Thinkie and the company's journey

- Challenges and opportunities of starting a startup within a large company

コロンビアベンチャーコミュニティ・ジャパンチャプター(CVC Japan)は、シンキィの代表取締役社長 揚岩 康太氏をお招きしてオンラインセッションを開催しました。揚岩氏は今年、脳血流のリアルタイム測定と脳トレーニングプログラムの提供を通じて、人々の健康的な認知生活に貢献することを目指して、シンキィを三井物産の100%子会社としてシアトルで立ち上げました。本セッションでは、三井物産でのこれまでのキャリアとシンキィの創業者としてのご経験についてお話しいただきました。主なトピックは下記の通りです。

- MBA取得を含むこれまでのキャリアおよび社内起業家としてのご経験

- シンキィを起業した経緯と会社のこれまでの歩み

- 大企業内でのスタートアップ立ち上げの課題と機会

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Kota Ageiwa | President&CEO, Thinkie Inc.

Kota Ageiwa serves as the President and CEO of Thinkie Inc, a venture he initiated in 2023 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. Before founding Thinkie Inc, Kota accrued over a dozen years of experience at Mitsui & Co. Here, he helmed several international business development initiatives across diverse sectors, including Education, Wellness, and Energy. From 2019 to 2023, Kota also lent his expertise to the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as a member of its advisory committee. Kota's humble beginnings in a rural region of Hokkaido, Japan, sparked a personal journey that has seen him visit over 50 countries thus far, and living in some of them. This global experience underpins his steadfast commitment to equipping individuals with the tools and opportunities to realize their full potential. Kota's educational credentials comprise a BA in Czech Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies from the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, complemented by an MBA from INSEAD.

揚岩 康太 | シンキィ株式会社 代表取締役社長