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Ayumi Ode on 2/13/2022

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CVC Japan hosted a virtual talk with Riku Sugie, President & CEO of Paidy. He shares his career and invaluable experience of large scale exit (M&A) as a top executive. In this virtual Startup CEO Talk, we touched on the following topics:

1) His professional experience as President & CEO of Paidy
2) The exit strategy (IPO or M&A) for Paidy and the background of PayPal acquisition
3) The overview and key message of his newly published book: “Startup Nippon

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⁠Riku Sugie, President & CEO of Paidy
Riku Sugie is President & CEO of Paidy, a leading two-sided payments platform and provider of buy now, pay later (BNPL) solutions in Japan. Before joining Paidy, he served as President of Shinsei Financial and Managing Director of Shinsei Bank. He started his career at Fuji Bank (currently Mizuho FG) and has experience as a business consultant at Accenture. He graduated from the University of Tokyo and has an MBA from Columbia University and Master of Engineering in Financial Engineering.